Farmers Market ExtraVEGANza!

On Saturday, I met up with my fellow vegan buds Stephanie (a.k.a. Poopie Bitch) and Lindsey (who doesn't have an a.k.a., but we should give her one!) for a day-long shopping trip at two farmer's markets. First, we had soy lattes at Bluff City Coffee in the South Main Arts District. Steph brought her famously-delicious Egg McVegans:

These are so much better than the real thing! The "egg" is made from tofu and topped with Tofutti cheeze and Gimme Lean faux sausage. It was the perfect start to our morning. After fueling up, we headed to the Memphis Farmer's Market, downtown's weekly Saturday sale of locally-grown fruits and veggies.

At the market, we ran into my buddy Uele of Groovy Foods, who makes the best vegan granola on the planet. She sells it at the market, and it's so addictive:

Then we saw Keith Forrester (he's ducking in the background), a local farmer who sells to-die-for heirloom cherry tomatoes from Whitton Farms. His wife Jill is responsible for those lovely flowers:

After stocking up on tomatoes, fresh corn, eggplant, okra, and some tasty vegan pre-made soups, we headed to the Winchester Farmer's Market (about a 20-minute drive from the downtown market). Even though the name implies that the Winchester store is a farmer's market, it's actually not one at all. Instead, it's a massive Asian and Mexican supermarket with a large selection of faux meats, exotic produce (not local), and steamed buns. I posed with my corn and goofy 80s shades outside the market's front door:

Inside, we found plenty of great deals on inari wrappers, veat "meat," and soy sauce. We also found some, um, interesting labels. I took this iPhone photo of Steph with a package of Cock Flavored Soup Mix (definitely not vegan!):

And Lindsey bought this huge bottle of Housewife Soy Sauce because she couldn't resist the funny label:

Finally, I'll leave you guys with this hilarious shelf tag:

It was the price for a bag of dried white mushrooms, and we're assuming the "fun" means "fungus." After all, $3.79 sounds like too great of a deal for "Premium White Fun with Asian Taste." :-)