Happy Birthday Sheridan!

Saturday was my best-friend-in the-whole-world Sheridan's 29th birthday! We've been BFF's since 8th grade! But now Sheridan lives in Little Rock, a two-hour drive from my home in Memphis. Not bad, but we don't get to see each other nearly enough. I drove down to celebrate with her this weekend. Here's Sheridan and her boyfriend Drew (wearing his fake mustache):

Yes, Drew wore a faux 'stache to Sheridan's birthday celebrations. We went to a tapas bar and a dance club with an awesome group of Sheridan's friends. But first, we noshed on Butterscotch Vanilla Cupcakes:

When I asked Sheridan what kind of cuppies she'd like, she requested butterscotch. I didn't have a recipe, so I just made the Sexy Low-fat Vanilla Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and added chopped butterscotch chips (the Food Lion brand is vegan). Then I topped them with a basic buttercream, a butterscotch ganache (made just like the chocolate ganache in VCTOTW but with melted b-scotch chips), and toasted pecans.

A few of Sheridan's friends read my blog (hey, Joel, Kayce, Ashley, Lauren, and James!), and when they heard I was coming, it was requested that I make a post-birthday vegan brunch for the whole gang on Sunday morning. Of course I was stoked (yes, I'm bringing that word back) to cook up brunchy yummies for everyone.

I spent the night at Sheridan's apartment on Saturday night and Sunday morning (well, more like afternoon), I whipped up Tofu Scramble, Steamed Sausages, Hash Browns, Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy:

The scramble was my own recipe for cheeze "eggs," and everyone seemed to really like it. That's a good thing because I'm including it in my cookbook. Personally, I like my scramble better than most others I've tried. I think every vegan likes their scramble recipe the best though. Here's my recipe.

The sausages were the Cherry Sage Sausages from Vegan Brunch minus the cherries. I've made them with cherries before, but this time, I opted to leave them out since dried cherries are like $5 a bag. I don't think I even missed them. They were still as tasty as ever.

The hash browns were the Individually Baked Hash Browns from Vegan Brunch, and honestly they weren't my fave. The texture just wasn't right. Even though we squeezed all the water out, as the recipe instructed, the potatoes were still too starchy. They weren't bad, just not my fave.

And the biscuits and chocolate gravy are also from my own recipes, and they're going in the cookbook. This is one of my favorite breakfast treats, so I'll leave ya'll with a close-up: