I Got An iPhone!

My stupid old Razor phone was falling apart — the left side of the button pad didn't work and it died all the time — so my awesome dad offered to buy me an iPhone as an early birthday present. Thanks daddy!

I bought it Monday evening, and I've already become so obsessed with it! It's the perfect tool for an obsessive-compulsive, super-organized, crazy Type A person like me.

I immediately downloaded the Lose It app, a calorie-counter and fitness application that lets you know how many calories you should be consuming and what you're actually eating. You simply enter the foods you eat for each meal, plus any exercise. Then at the end of the day, you get a pretty good picture of your overall calorie consumption/calorie burning.

For example, today I was allotted for 1,697 calories for my height and weight (I don't want to lose, just maintain). After breakfast (baked beans on toast), lunch (whole wheat spaghetti with marinara), snacks (Clif Mojo bar, cantaloupe, trail mix), and dinner (leftover BBQ ribs, mac & cashew cheeze, and collard greens), plus a 45-minute treadmill workout and walking the dog, I wound up with 1,691 calories! Pretty darn close!

Other apps I've downloaded include Eight Glasses a Day (keeps track of how much water you consume), Vegan Xpress (a full list of vegan foods at popular chain and fast food joints, as well as a vegan wine and beer guide), the Leaping Bunny Shopping Guide (list of cruelty-free products), the New York Times, Vegan YumYum's cookbook app, the Whole Foods recipe guide and store locator app, and of course Facebook!

But I'd like some input from other iPhone users on their favorite apps. There's so many to choose from that I know I'm missing out on some good ones. Do you have an iPhone? If so, what are your can't-live-without apps?