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The first posts on this blog were back in 2006, and it's also 6 years that I've been doing the Phuket Weather blog. The "Jamie's Phuket" blog started as a means of showing "my" Phuket. As a family we tend to not do the "touristy" things.. yeh sometimes, but more often we prefer quieter places. I figure there are people looking for another side to Phuket, away from the main beaches, away from the tailors, tuk tuks, fast food and fast women. There's plenty of information online and in guidebooks about all the normal things to do in Phuket. I still try to focus on the other Phuket, although for sure there is some crossover, but posts such as kayaking in the mangroves and the Kathu village festival show that Phuket has way more to offer than the obvious attractions. It is my intention to keep the blog focused on the Phuket that exists off the beaten track, although it has been pointed out to me that a few posts on nightlife, ladyboys and bars might be welcome at some point!

Now and then, I get a bit stuck on what to write. I'm normally working 6 days per week, so blogging time is at a premium, and time to explore even more so. Nevertheless, I have been encouraged over the years by increasing numbers of visitors to the blog, a growing Facebook page and plenty of comments on the blog and emails to say thanks for the information. Keep them coming!

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