Saved the Best for Last

Back in June (god, is it already almost September?!), the awesome folks at Bountiful Vegan sent me a sample package of their gigantic vegan Intention Cookies. Not only are these cookies delicious, they're also said to possess a little mojo magic. Each cookie is supposed to bring about positive qualities — love, prosperity, harmony, and well-being — as you eat it.

Over the last couple months, I tried the Love (Chocolate Chip Orange), the Prosperity (Chocolate Choco Chip), and the Harmony (Lemon Snickerdoodle). But today, I finally dug into the best cookie of all — the Well-Being Coconut Pineapple Cookie!

For some reason, I'd imagined that this would be my least favorite. I typically always choose chocolate over fruit flavors. But in this case, choosing chocolate first was just the crazy wrong thing to do. The Well-Being cookie's pineapple flavor is pretty mild. In fact, I didn't really taste it. But the coconut flavor is out-of-this-world. It lends a very buttery taste to the cookies that tastes so naughty, and so, so good!

My only complaint — the cookies don't list any nutritional information. While that's kind of a good thing (it's hard to feel guilty when you have no idea how many calories you're consuming), I might practice a little more restraint if I knew. They do, however, list the all-natural, whole food ingredients that go into the cookies.

Wanna try the cookies for yourself? The folks at Bountiful Vegan are holding a sample pack giveaway contest on their site. You still have time to enter, as the winner will be announced on September 15th.

Hey testers! There's a new recipe posted on the tester site. Check it out....