Vegans Have More Options

Omnis are missing out. As vegans, we eat such a wide variety of foods that the average McDonald's-loving, Wal-Mart-shopping, meat & potatoes omni hasn't even heard of. Think about all the burger options we have — bean burgers, soy burgers, garden burgers, and endless protein and grain combinations for homemade patties. Despite popular omni belief, we also have more than one option for a tasty grilled cheeze sammich.

Take for example this out-of-this-world Grilled Cheeze Sandwich from Voracious Vegan:

The "cheeze" is a nooch-based sauce, thickened to a paste and spread on Earth Balanced whole grain bread. It's grilled to perfection and oh so delicious. I've had nutritional yeast-based grilled cheezes before, but it's been awhile. I typically go the easy route and melt some Follow Your Heart or Teese between my bread.

VV's recipe is here. It's really simple and worth trying out, especially if you've not tried a noochy grilled cheeze. There's something magical and comforting about nutritional yeast that I just can't put into words. Note: I substiututed the pickled jalepenos in the recipe with fresh, minced jalapeno since that's what I had on hand.

On the side, I made some Dillweed Potato Salad from my cookbook:

The potatoes are local and organic, and as you can see, I don't play when it comes to dill. I like a lot of dill, so my tater salad recipe calls for a ton.

I typically make this with Vegenaise, but this time I used the last of some Nasoya vegan mayo that I bought with a coupon at Whole Foods. I'm not crazy about that brand. It reminds me more of Miracle Whip than mayo. I doubt I'll ever buy it again. But on the bright side, Nasoya has way less fat than Vegenaise. That means I can eat more tater salad without the guilt.