Bake It Again

It seems like over a year ago that I first developed the Twice Baked Tater recipe for my cookbook. But for some reason, I'm just now getting around to testing it for the second time.

After trying the taters again on Monday, I'm not sure why I waited so long. This one's a real winner. I'm proud of it. Last time, I topped the taters with vegan cheeze, but I opted to try these guys without it this time since faux cheeze is always an optional ingredient in my recipes. Some folks just don't like it, and others can't afford it or don't have access. These twice-baked potatoes were just fine without the cheeze, though it does look pretty when it gets all melty on top.

For protein, I tried these cute little Satay Chicken-Style Veaty Bites:

They're little meat-like chunks of soy protein on a stick. I found them in the freezer section of the Winchester Farmers Market (a gigantuan Asian/Mexican market in Memphis).

I'd never had Veat before, but these were very tasty. They had just the right amount of chewiness without too much of a meaty mouthfeel (I love that word!). I dipped them in extra vegan satay sauce that I picked at the same market. Quick, delicious, convenient! Since the bites come three to a stick, they'd be perfect for entertaining.