Banana Brulee Oats

The lovely Miss Katie at Chocolate Covered Vegan has discovered the darndest thing! Microwaving a banana creates a big ole pile of creamy, caramelized banana-y goodness. She and other vegan bloggers have been enjoying this find stirred into wholesome oats. Katie's posted a ton of pictures of the variations on her Banana Brulee Oats. But mine was quite simple. I give you Banana Brulee Oats, Elvis-Style:

As a Memphian, I'm obliged to love the King's fave food combo — peanut butter and banana. Lucky for me, that love comes quite naturally. Especially when that peanut butter is White Chocolate Wonderful and the banana is caramelized. I also added some maple syrup to my steel cut oats for extra sweetness.

For the banana trick, simply microwave a broken-up banana with a tablespoon or so of water for about two minutes. It gets all melty and creamy. Plop it atop your oats and dress as desired.