Chocolate Pecan Madness!

Though most of the sections of my cookbook are pretty well fleshed out now, I'm still lacking in the dessert department. My awesome Granny has been hard at work veganizing her classic desserts for me, but I've been slacking in the sweets. For example, I realized last week that I didn't have any cookie recipes yet. Enter these Choco-Chocolate Chip Praline Cookies:

These are chocolate cookies flecked with chocolate chips and candied pecans. I developed a test batch last week and brought them to work. My co-workers devoured all 25 cookies in less than an hour, and based on their feedback, this recipe was a real winner.

My only complaint — I left the pecans whole, but next time I'll chop them instead. A few of the cookies didn't get any pecans in them, and I felt bad for the folks who missed out. The salty-sweet candied pecans were the best part of the cookie. Just look at that little pecan peekin' out:

Note to the testers: Speaking of cookbook recipes, I've posted a new tester recipe on the Cookin' Crunk tester blog.