Downhome Dough

I've always been a fan of fusion cuisine. When I was a little kid, I dreamed of opening up a Mexican-Chinese restaurant that would serve refried bean egg rolls and fried rice-stuffed burritos. That dream is long dead, but I'm still experimenting with mixing the cuisines of various cultures. Take for example, tonight's Veggie Lovers Cornbread Pizza:

This is another recipe for my cookbook. I actually developed it in August of last year. Here's the original post. But the measurements needed testing, and it tastes so good ... so it was high time to make it again.

The crust is made using my own recipe for cornbread, but it's halved to allow room for the toppins'. Of course, I baked it in my trusty cast iron pan. But it didn't finish cooking until well after dark, so excuse the bad flash shot:

Atop the crust is a homemade pizza sauce, some "beefy" flavored TVP crumbles, sauteed kale, squash, red pepper, and onion. The traditional sauce gives this recipe an Italian pizza-y taste, but the cornbread certainly makes it Southern tried and true.