I Would Do Anything for Love ... But I Won't Do That

My friend Greg and I went to a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show a couple of weeks ago, and the appearance of Meatloaf as poor Eddie made me crave vegan loaf.

I had the vegan version of the classic retro loaf last Thursday night (yep, I'm a little behind on posting). The recipe for Diner Loaf came from The Healthy Hedonist by way of Amey's Gastronomus Maximus zine:

Oh my gawd, ya'll. This was the best vegan loaf I've ever tried! In the past, I've always made lentil loaves or hippie-like nut loaves. But this one was made with a base of Gimme Lean ground burger (the kind in the tube), tofu, oats, and walnuts. More meaty, for sure.

On the side, I had steamed kale and some local Corn with Garlic-Miso Dressing from Vegan Soul Kitchen:

I've blogged about this corn dressing before, but it's so tasty that I have to mention it again. Bryant Terry's miso-based spread is so much tastier and healthier than soy margarine. I doubt I'll ever butter my corn again when I have this option. This recipe alone is worth buying VSK for if you don't already own it.