Sell-by Date ...

In a recent email exchange with one of my readers, it was indirectly implied that perhaps my blog had reached its sell-by date.  Possibly a quote would be helpful here.

 “I think the problem with blogging is that the source of interesting factual material cannot keep coming at the same pace all the time. I notice that most blogs have a readable life-span of maybe a year or so after which they fade away, (some become so banal, trite and trivial they should be put down).” 

This could explain the prolonged drought that I am presently experiencing with regard to my blog.  I have secretly begun to question if I am arrogant enough to presume that my ramblings can continue on indefinitely or if there is some finite lifespan to what I am doing here.  I steadfastly refuse to become a recycler of other’s news or offerings.  I’m not in the repackaging and rebranding business.  I would rather go to the source and form my own opinions and suggest others do the same.

In truth there has been no shortage of material lately but it has all been far too personal a private to be dragged upon this page.  Revealing myself is one thing, but I do draw the line at being gossipy and overly revealing of others and their life foibles or misfortunes.  So there has been an abundance of dancing neurons in the gray matter but my fingers have been on holiday, as I question the necessity or merit of writing any of this down for the titillation of others.

As for today’s title, it is a favorite of mine and I use it frequently in relation to those who discover Thailand later in life.  Without youth, looks, charm or potential, and as late entries to the game, they are often required to come up with a buy-in fee to step upon the playing field.  Even then most are relegated to playing in the minor leagues and never no the joy of playing in the Big Leagues (The Show) of the majors.  I believe it is this phenomenon, of having passed ones sell-by date, that leads to many a farang’s notion that we are seen only as an ATM for Thai women.  Realistically what else do men in the winter or autumn of their lives have to offer, to those they pursue?  But...that is a discussion for another day.

Today’s question is how much longer can I keep this up and is there any merit in doing so?  I’m afraid I have no answer.