Tofu Omelets, How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways. I've shown many a Vegan Brunch and Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen tofu omelet on this blog before. Hands down, tofu omelets are my favorite breakfast. This week, I've been enjoying the Vegan Brunch omelet stuffed with Follow Your Heart mozzarella cheeze and served with a side of sprouted grain toast with homemade strawberry jam.

Simple, sure. But in days past, I've stuffed the same omelet with spicy sauteed mushrooms and spinach. This omelet, made several months ago, was by far my best effort yet:

Back in March, I had a little less luck with this Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen omelet — stuffed with Teese and mushrooms:

At the time I made this omelet, I was quite proud of it though. After all, it held together — mostly. And it was a vast improvement over my first tofu omelet in May 2008 (also from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen):

Yep, that one was more like a tofu omelet scramble. But despite its shabby looks, it tasted like gold. When I made that omelet, I lacked a proper non-stick skillet — an essential tool in tofu omelet-makin.'

So far, I've only made these recipes four times. But I assure you this isn't the last time you'll see a folded "eggy" omelet of goodness on this blog.