Tortilla Toss-Up

When I bought Vegan Brunch, I remember scanning past the recipe for Scrambled Tortillas and thinking, "That's kinda weird ... but intriguing." I made a mental note to try it out one day. I love me some corn tortillas, and they always come like a million to a package (what's up with that, anyway?). I had some leftover from another recipe last week, so it seemed time to try Isa's Scrambled Tortillas:

Basically, you take torn-up tortillas and fry 'em up with onions and jalepenos. Then you pour blended soft (not silken) tofu over the tortillas and mix it all up. The tofu cooks up and gets browned in places. Then you stir in some steamed potatoes, top it with a homemade Mexican-style tomato sauce, and guacamole. Yum! I also sprinkled mine with nooch, though the recipe doesn't call for it. One word of advice on this recipe: use hella more salt than it calls for! Other than that, it's a keeper. I'll certainly make this again.

On the side, I had some of my Creole Steamed Sausages:

I based this recipe off the famed Julie Hasson steamed sausages, but added my own spice combination for maximum spicy creole goodness. It's definitely going in the cookbook.

Thanks for all your awesome comments on the Dalai Lama post. I don't think I'll ever be able to top that post/moment. I feel totally blessed!