Vegan Crunk Omni Test

A few weeks ago, my friends Shara and Jesse (both omnis) convinced me to plan and host a vegan dinner party so they could try some meatless eats. At first, I thought about making a menu from The Vegan Table. But I remembered the cardinal rule of dinner parties — never make a dish you haven't tried before. So I decided to go with what I know — my Cookin' Crunk tester recipes!

Here I am, hard at work in the kitchen:

I'm sporting my Christmas apron because my all-purpose cupcake apron was dirty. Here are my guests — Greg (the only vegetarian), Jesse, Shara, and Tyler (the omnis):

On the menu were Dijon-Pecan Seitan Medallions with Maple-Butter Glaze:

Jesse proclaimed that this tasted a lot like chicken. Score! It's always a plus when a non-vegan thinks vegan food tastes like meat.

We also had some of my Granny's Corn Casserole:

That white stuff is Tofutti cream cheese. This is one of my favorite side dishes of all time!

And we had hearty bowls of Country Potato Soup with Whole Wheat Biscuits for dippin':

And Jesse requested these Butterscotch Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream and Butterscotch Ganache for dessert:

Most of ya'll have seen these before, in my post from my best friend Sheridan's birthday in August. It's the basic Sexy Low-fat Vanilla Cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World with added butterscotch chips (which negates the low-fat part! oops!). I made the ganache the same way you'd make chocolate ganache, but with butterscotch.

Overall, I think the dinner party was a success. I doubt Shara, Jesse, or Tyler will convert to veganism any time soon, but at least I tried to lure them into our vegan cult (ahahahahaha ... that's my evil laugh).