Well, I'm back from my family trip to New Orleans. I've got good news and bad news. The good news? I consumed massive amounts of delicious vegan food in the Big Easy. The bad news? I lost one of my camera's memory cards somewhere in New Orleans on my last night there. The card contained not only most of the vacation eats, but every picture I've taken since last Christmas — most of which had not been downloaded. I'm great at downloading food pics, but I'm not so good at keeping up with the important birthday and special event stuff. I'm pretty upset about it, but I guess I've learned to start backing up my photos.

Enough with the bad news though. I changed my memory card out Saturday morning, so I have all of Saturday's eats. And my dad took a few food photos with his camera too. So without further ado, check out these Yuca Veggie Fajitas from Country Flame, a Mexican/Cuban/Spanish restaurant in the French Quarter:

I love this dish! I had the same thing last time I was in NOLA two years ago. It's fried yuca (much like a potato) with peppers, onions, and fresh salsa. I piled the stuff into flour tortillas for a tasty and filling dinner on Thursday night.

On Friday, we stopped into La Divina Gelateria on Magazine Street for icey-cold scoops of sorbotto and gelato. I had the Local Pear Ginger Sorbotto:

I have to thank Kittee from Cakemaker to the Stars for the insider tip on the sorbotto. She sent me an amazing list of New Orleans vegan options that pretty much kept us fed the entire trip. Without Kittee, we wouldn't have known where to start. By the way, I had a great close-up of the sorbotto on that missing memory card. Oh well...

On Saturday, I had an amazing Avocado Pesto Tofu Sandwich at Surrey's Cafe & Juice Bar:

Another Kittee tip! This sandwich was piled high with three of my favorite foods — creamy avocado, spicy pesto, and pan-fried tofu. Served with local Zapp's chips, this was a very satisfying meal. And Surrey's, a quaint hipster joint on Magazine Street, was bursting with local artsy flavor.

We ended our trip with the most carbtastic meal in the world — French Fry Po Boys from Verti Marte Deli on Decatur Street:

This was another item on Kittee's list, and my parents and I couldn't be more grateful for this suggestion. We love carbs, and it doesn't get carbier than fat steak fries piled onto white bread and topped with peppers and mushrooms.

My parents piled theirs with melted cheese too. It's the kind of thing we'd never eat if we weren't on vacation. Thanks to this sandwich, my diet starts today!

Overall, we had a great time (except for that damn memory card situation). We did lots of shopping, eating, and mango daquari-drinking on Bourbon Street. Here's my mom, dad, and me in Jackson Square on our last night there. We got tons of beads from the Halloween Parade!