Tofu + Marmite = True Love

While in New Orleans last weekend, I stumbled onto this amazing tub of Cottage Tofu Salad at their gigantuan Whole Foods (theirs puts Memphis' Whole Foods to shame):

I always love, love, loved cottage cheese in my dairy-eatin' days, and I often try to recreate it with crumbled firm tofu, vegan mayo, and a pinch of sugar. But there was something really appealing about buying tofu cottage cheeze already prepared in a convenient little tub. I stashed a tub in our cooler and it made the 7-hour drive home to Memphis with me. Now, hold that thought.

When I arrived home and began unpacking, I opened my pantry door to see this adorable little guy waiting with open arms. Yep, my big ass jar of Champagne Marmite has a crush on me ... it's written all over his sophisticated European label. See ...

My buddy John P from Nashville (of The I-40 Kitchen blog fame) gifted me this huge jar of special edition champagne-flavored Marmite a few months ago. And what's my favorite thing to do with it? Spread it on whole wheat toast with faux cottage cheeze. Only this time, I didn't even have to make the cheeze myself:

Yep, this open-faced sandwich was pure bliss. I've been eating this meal everyday since I returned from my trip. But sadly, I finished that tub of cottage cheeze off at lunch. And our Memphis Whole Foods doesn't carry this stuff. Oh well ... guess I'm back to makin' it myself.