Vegan Mofo: Big Breakfast!

This morning's breakfast kept me satisfied well past noon. In fact, I wasn't even really hungry when I ate my leftover beans and cornbread for lunch at 1:30. I'm usually famished by 11 a.m. What kept me full for hours? A hearty slice of my Breakfast Casserole:

This is another cookbook recipe. I've actually blogged the recipe before (last October, to be exact ... the recipe is here). It's based on my Granny's breakfast casserole that she makes every year for our family's Christmas breakfast. Hers contains meat and eggs. But mine is made with layers of bread, scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, and a cheezy nooch-based sauce.

As I've mentioned before, I've been counting calories on my Lose It iPhone app ... just for fun and because I'm slightly obsessive. Turns out this hearty breakfast didn't contain any more calories than a bowl of doctored-up oats or a cup of yogurt with granola. And the only added fat is about a tablespoon of soy margarine in the cheeze sauce. Filling, healthy, low fat-ish, and not too calorie dense (one-sixth of the casserole had 327 calories, in case you were wondering).