Vegan Mofo: I Love Jessy & Dan!

I'm sure I've blogged before about how much I love Jessy over at happyveganface. She's always comin' up with delicious vegan yummies, especially her mouthwatering burger recipes (she really outta write a book ... who's with me? Right?). But now I also love her man, Dan. He's responsible for developing these delectable Tempeh Tater Cakes:

Imagine a latke or potato pancake with flecks of savory-spiced tempeh, green onion, and bell pepper and fried to crispy goodness. That's what Dan's tempeh tater cakes are all about (the recipe is here). So delicious, and the recipe makes a ton. I topped mine with a little organic ketchup because potatoes LOVE ketchup!

On the side, I developed a Smoky Stewed Okra & Tomatoes recipe for the cookbook:

Down South, stewed okra and 'maters is a big deal. But most folks season it with real bacon. Pig bacon = grossout, so mine's cruelty-free. I'm certain it'd rival Paula Deen's version anyway. Bring it on, Paula!

Testers...there are two new recipes posted to the top-secret tester site! :-)