Vegan Mofo: Tahini Coffee

My boyfriend Paul bought me several vegan cookbooks for my birthday (it's today, by the way!), including Vegan Comfort Food by Alicia Simpson. I'd only recently heard about this book, and ya'll know how I love comfort food. I just had to check it out. Plus, Alicia (a native Californian) has logged some time in Atlanta, so a few of her recipes have a Southern flare.

It's a great book, filled with satisfying comfort foods like BBQ Nachos, Fried Seitan Chicken, and Sweet Potato Waffles. But the recipe that called out to me the most wasn't really food at all. It was a beverage — Tahini Coffee:

This isn't really coffee at all, but Alicia calls it "tahini coffee" because she drinks it in place of coffee at her morning meal. Now, ya'll can pry coffee from my cold, dead hands. This drink was by no means a substitute for me. It was actually enjoyed as a rainy afternoon snack.

It's made from three simple ingredients — plant milk (I used soy), tahini, and molasses (I actually used sorghum). I enjoyed mine warm with a dash of cinnamon. It tasted like a little piece of sesame-coated heaven. Seriously. Though I won't be subbing it for coffee, I will certainly be making this again really soon.