You's a Cornbred Fed Vegan Mofo!

I'm starting Vegan Mofo off with one of my all-time favorite Southern comfort foods — Beans 'n' Cornbread. Nothing satisfies this downhome gal like a big ole' steamy bowl of beans topped with a slice of sweet cornbread. A few months ago, my Granny developed a recipe for my cookbook for this Beans 'n' Greens Soup:

White beans, collard greens, tomato, and some spices. Mmm-mmm. I'm rubbin' my belly just thinkin' about it. I tested her recipe this week, and it's delicious. And healthy too! Of course, a bowl of beans ain't nothin' without a hunk of cornbread. That's where my recipe for Jalapeno-Corn Cornbread comes in:

Another cookbook tester, this cornbread is one of my favorites from the book. I've been tweaking it for ages, but I think it's ready for lift-off. It's sweet like Jiffy, minus all those hydrogenated oils and crap. And I add frozen corn and chopped pickled jalepenos for a kick.

Some folks down South like to crumble their cornbread into their beans and stir it all together. But I prefer to plop a whole slice right on top of the bowl, douse it in hot sauce, and cut into it with each wholesome bite: