Eggless Frittata

When Vegan Brunch first came out out, every blogger and their mom made the Swiss Chard Frittata. But for some reason, it kept getting pushed down my to-make list, always losing out to the VB tofu omelet or tofu benedict. Well, I finally got around to making that frittata for this week's breakfast:

I'm not sure what I was waiting for! It only has a few simple ingredients and it includes super-healthy greens for a morning power boost. I've made a number of vegan frittatas in my day from various cookbooks, but this one has the most authentic texture and taste. I bet you could even fool an omni with this recipe.

This morning, I served myself a generous slice of frittata, a piece of whole grain toast slathered in Earth Balance and raspberry fruit spread, and a glass of iced green tea. Thankfully, the recipe made four servings so I'll be enjoying the same breakfast for three more days!