Holy Mole Chili!

I tend to get stuck in a chili rut ... always opting for the traditional version with chili powder and a tomato base. Nothing against plain ole chili, but when I saw the recipe for Emo Potato's Mole Black Bean & Winter Squash Chili, I was totally blown away:

This thick stew has a base of soaked and blended dried pasilla chilis mixed with cocoa powder, almond butter, tahini, and even brewed coffee! It sounds crazy, but all that stuff mixed together makes for one hell of a mole sauce. Check out the recipe at Emo Potato's blog.

The mole is simmered with a cubed Delicata squash (any winter squash would do) and black beans. Of course I topped mine with a glob of Tofutti sour cream and (not shown here) gads of hot sauce. And I alternated bites with Garden of Eatin' blue corn tortilla chips.