Sunny Side Up!

I used to love fried eggs, and just before going vegan in 2004, I was starting to enjoy them prepared sunny side up. Before I'd always preferred the yolk cooked all the way through. So you can imagine my excitement when a blog reader named Rocky (who runs this Shepheard Illustration art website) mailed me his vegan Sunny Side Up Tofu Egg recipe.

The recipe involves carving tofu into a fried-egg shape, and I didn't do the best job there, but I assure my ugly little fried tofu "egg" was delicious:

Isn't it cute? The yolk, a gelantinous substance made with carrot juice and arrowroot (though I used cornstarch), was delicious mushed up with the pan-fried tofu. After shooting this photo, I used my fork to mix the yolk with the "egg," just like people do with real eggs. And I seasoned it liberally with black salt for an eggy taste.

Rocky gave me permission to post his recipe (with what he says is an improved yolk recipe from the one he sent me several weeks ago). So here goes.

Rocky's Sunny Side Up Tofu "Egg"
Cut tofu (I used one pound of firm tofu to make three thick tofu eggs) into the shape of a fried egg, thin at the periphery and thick in the middle. Insert broad bladed knife horizontally through the tofu near the bottom. Where the yolk should be, cookie-cut out a yolk hole with a shot glass all the way down to the blade. Remove blade. Fry in vegan margarine-both sides until golden brown. Set aside.

Now make yolk:
(note: lt stands for what looks to be larger than a tablespoon but looks like a tablespoon. Not sure what it's called).

2 large tablespoons (lt) flax seed oil
1 lt melted vegan margarine
1/2 lt arrowroot (more later) dissolved in teaspoon hot water
1/4 lt carrot juice
1/4 lt vegan mayo
some salt, pepper and garlic salt

Mix well, microwave 25 seconds.

Add 1/4 more arrowroot to 1 lt hot water.
Stir in to prior mix.

Stir well until very thick so it doesn't run way too fast.

Add to egg hole and spread liberally over top of tofu.

Put in microwave another 10 - 15 sec.

Pepper and salt again.

Serve hot. Dip egg with toast if you like.