Healthy-ish Biscuits 'n' Gravy

Classic Southern-style biscuits and gravy isn't supposed to be good for you. But while my version isn't exactly health food, it's way better for you than something you'd be served in a typical diner down here. Here's my Whole Wheat Butter-Soymilk Biscuits with Sausage-Sage Gravy:

The biscuits (and the gravy recipe) are going in my cookbook. I've been perfecting these biscuits for quite some time, and I think I've finally mastered a fluffy whole wheat biscuit. Of course, they do contain a little soy margarine and non-hydrogenated veggie shortening, because you can't make fluffy, soft biscuits without those things. But at least I'm using the trans fat-free stuff.

As for the sausage-sage gravy, you'd never believe it's actually low-fat! Most gravies contain a mixture of fat, flour, and liquid (like milk or broth). But my gravy has no oil, grease, or butter. The only fat comes from a small amount present in the soymilk and vegan sausage. I use Gimme Lean (it's extremely low in fat and calories), which is mighty tasty mixed with gravy and served atop a split whole wheat biscuit for breakfast!