Sweet Tater + Almond Butter = Breakfast!

Nora from Pride & Vegudice has been blogging about her love for baked sweet potatoes with nut butter for some time now. I swoon every time she posts one of her gorgeous photos of a soft, orange tuber slathered in almond (or recently coconut) butter. So I finally decided to stop dreaming about the damn thing and eat a Baked Sweet Tater with Raw Almond Butter and Cranberry Sauce for breakfast:

Oh, holy crap! This is such an amazing, wholesome, delectable breakfast. First of all, this was my first experience with "raw" almond butter. I've been too cheap to shell out the $10 for a little jar, so I've stuck with good old-fashioned roasted almond butter for way too long. The Maranatha brand raw butter has a dramatically different (and far improved) taste than its cooked counterpart.

The cranberry sauce was leftover from Thanksgiving. It's a recipe my mom made from a Food Network magazine that includes fresh cranberries, orange pieces and zest, apples, and pecans. I only have a tiny bit left, but I wish I could keep this stuff stocked for baked taters and toast-spreadin' all year round.