Upgrading by Downsizing ...

When our old pocket camera died, I got a Sony H-7.  Big zoom and lightweight enough but no RAW and definitely not a pock camera.  Never was completely satisfied with the picture quality.  My wife never really took to it and recently had been asking about a new pocket camera that she could throw in her bag.

Not thinking it practical to have separate cameras that only one of us would use, I did some searching.  There are some new small cameras with the ability to change lenses but they were a bit too expensive and defeated the purpose of the pocket camera. 

Then I came across the Canon S-90, found it at the local supermarket and showed it to the wife.  Reasonable price and she liked it, so that is our New Year present to each other.  A definite upgrade in a smaller package, that I will also enjoy using on my little adventures.  Okay, not very romantic but very practical and we are both happy. 

We bought it after our trip to the annual Flower Festival here in Chiang Rai, so those upcoming pictures were taken with the old camera.

Last day of 2009 here in the Rai, so Happy New Year!