2/2/10 - Nelson

Next day we were journeying from Kaikoura through Blenheim and Picton on our way to Nelson. At Picton we said goodbye to a lot of the group who were going on the ferry to the north island and a new group of miserable looking posers got on. On the bus myself, Roger, Becky and Katie from Cumbria had a good chat and later shared a room together at a hostel/pub called Ferny Lodge.

Having dumped our bags we walked to a monument signalling the centre of New Zealand that coincidentally sat at the very top of a hill! After that I was ready for some time on my own so I wandered off and had a look around Nelson, a lovely place with some nice parks, gardens and a good number of cafes and bars to keep me entertained. I got back to the hostel and changed in to my smelliest t-shirt to go for a run back up to the monument, this was a terrible idea and nearly killed me but I got back to the top and appreciated the view even more than earlier in the day.

That night was really pleasant, sharing stories with Alexi Lalas, Becky and Katie and staying sober for the first time since arriving.