A Drive to Town, Noticing the Unnoticed ...

A simple drive to town can be an adventure.  One can find new things to see, if one will only open ones eyes.  Perhaps there will be a giant Ngiew tree adorned with its flaming orange blossoms.  A frail, half blind figure, bending to retrieve the fallen flowers.  Stripping away the petals, with the remaining inner organs destined for one of my wife’s favorite rice noodle dishes, Khanom Chin Naam Ngiew.

Perhaps a riverside shrine will appear.  Where an ancient tree has enveloped an even more ancient Buddha image.  Reborn as a new place of worship.

Perhaps you will stumble upon a makeshift carwash in the middle of the river.  Well, a tractor wash anyway.  Can’t think of a more serene setting for such a dirty job.  You have got to hand it to the guy.  Free running water and even a flowering Ngiew tree high on the opposite bank of the river.

Perhaps you will discover the reason for wading conditions on one stretch of the river, while in town the water level seems so high.

If you take the time to explore the floodgates and sluices, you may find that others have found their own uses for this once unnoticed encroachment on the river.  Fishing with nets or poles or simply dropping a line while sitting high upon the gates, one can’t help but feel their enjoyment of the task at hand.

Then on the way home you may happen upon an ingenious scheme, where a herd of goats has been employed to tend the young rubber trees.
There is so much to see if we will just take the time to look.  But then again, you already knew that, didn’t you.