Jump Day

Up at 8 and not as nervous as I had expected, met up with Lyn, her 62 year old sister Barbara and Lasse a slightly mad Dane who were my jump mates and I couldn't ask for better ones. Because Lyn and Barbara were so chatty it didn't give me a chance to let the notion of me jumping out of a plane sink in. Three other girls joined us in the mini van to the airstrip they were also great fun and really friendly. Myself and Lasse were the last to jump because everyone else wanted photos and DVDs made, I wasn't fussed because they allow you to take your camera down and make your own video once the parachute has opened. Lasse was very excited, I was slightly more apprehensive but also buzzing.

The skydive was pure pleasure and fun, every second was enjoyable and it felt so easy and peaceful, nothing like I had expected and as it is considered the second most scenic sky dive in the world the views over the fox glacier and out to the southern alps were incredible.

After the jump everyone was on a high and me and the crew all went for burger and chips in a cafe where Lyn and Barbara chatted and the rest of us listened and laughed. After it got dark I went glow worm hunting in the forest with the 3 girls and it felt a bit like I was a murderer leading 3 girls into a pitch black forest. I didn't murder them. I could have, but I didn't because I like them and it would have put a dampener on an awesome day.