12 O'CLOCK and All is Well

It's that time of the year here Like the 4th of July watermelons back home in the USA
bananas fried or fresh are always a good seller

Waiting for that 1'o'clock train,, hopefully, there will be at least a few folks coming for a visit and a look see. and ride a elephant or float down the river on a raft, and spent a peaceful night in one of the many resorts on the banks of the famous River Kwai.

The sunset over another beautiful day in our quite and peaceful (at the present time ) village and home.

Everything looks real peaceful at this moment in time down at the city square and park

With a lot folks calling and asking how we're doing , I thought I should do a small up-date and report from down town Whang Pho .We're doing just fine here , not much talk of the problems that is happening around the Big Mango (as Martyn calls it ) and Thailand , and if there is any it's in the privacy of your own home . Of course all are sad about all the unrest and lost of lives and burnings in Bangkok. The only really affect it has had on the present time is the lack of tourist and visitors to the bridge and railroad , that means a lot of jobs lost for the locals, as for the future damage from all this , I think it will be several years before things are back to where it was , of course BKK has had it's problems for years , but in just the last few months, has it had the terrible trickle down effect , like never before and this has uprooted folks and effected families, communities, schools , hospitals, everything to do with living. I was just looking around our little town the other night and I saw lots of folks buying food and selling food on the corners and from under little tents that I have never seen before , our little town has added a lot of folks, displaced from who knows where and they have, as the ole saying goes, " the chickens have come home to roost."I predicted this growth as a result of the first yellow shirt thing , 2 years ago , but never imagined it would swell as fast. As I looked around , I did not see any RED shirts or Yellow shirts anywhere , In fact some are wearing no shirts at all as it sooooo hot here in Whang Pho, and some that have come home have lost the very shirts on their back , and I have never saw sooo many new pretty young girls in all my 6 years here, where did they come from ????

Well thats my report from the streets of Whang Pho and as you can read , All is Well on the Home Front , at least for the time being . Hope all is well with all of you and that you are staying close to home till all this blows over and don't be to quick to get out and see what all the noise is about , it might mean trouble for you and yours , a mob is uncontrollable and some folks in the mob are there just to do damage to everything and everyone just for the thrill of it watch yourselves . Malcolm

If you need to get away from it all and just relax , you can find some great deal and rates at the resorts located here and near , E-mail me if you need help with any plans .