After a Long Absence ...

In the clear blue, late afternoon sky, the moon hovered above the wispy etherial clouds, hanging motionless above the distant mountain range, lording over the tranquil expanse of the valley in which we live.  All was reflected in the still calm water, that surounds our front field on two sides.  The field recently seeded with rice, is developing a faint lime green hue, as the seedlings break from the mud and extend their slender forms toward that clear blue sky.

Usually my preference is to sit pond side on the west side of the house, watching the fish feed and the sun setting behind the hills.  A couple hours before sunset, it is far more comfortable however to be seated on the front slope, looking East.  Sitting in the shade on the grassy slop, the dogs are more entertained by the goings on of the village.  People returning home from the fields on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, e-tans and e-toks.  Other dogs barking, chickens feeding, birds flittering from one perch to another.  A crab walking awkwardly over the mud and a frog with only his bulging eyes protruding above the reflective surface of the water.

So there we sat, Cookie and I, with her three canine brothers and the cat.  As it so happens, directly behind us and oh so conveniently located, is my wife’s relatively new Thai kitchen.  From this kitchen came the aroma of what was soon to be our evening meal.  This only heightened our sensual bouquet of beautiful sights, distant sounds, the feel of the lush green grass beneath us and the gentle breeze on our skin.

Soon my wife appeared with food for all the hungry beasts.  Barbecued fish was the menu for all.  Mixed with dog food or cat food for our four legged friends and eaten with sticky rice by us.  Even after devouring their respective bowls of food, our ravenous family could not resist begging for a portion of what we were eating.  My wife is unable to resist a soulful stare or an insistent but gentle tap, and so, much of our meal was distributed among our children.  All in all, a lovely picnic was enjoyed by two happy humans, four dogs and a cat.

I’m not quite sure why I am writing today as apposed to any other day.  There have been many, more noteworthy days than today.  Perhaps it has something to do with my morning ride on the mountain bike.  Until recently the pollution and heat were unbearable and I found myself unable to indulge in some of the things that bring me the greatest pleasure.  So perhaps I am awash with endorphins after my 35 km this morning.  Even more so, since that has not been a regular occurrence for some time.

No mention of new friends, recent trips, the wedding and breakup of the sister-in-laws marriage in less than three months, funerals, the sale of my phantom and plans to buy a new motorcycle for my 56th birthday.  Instead I find myself compelled to write about the pastoral setting of my evening meal.  Go figure.  It seems my muse has a peculiar, if not perverse sense of humor.  Sorry for my absence and hope I won’t be gone so long this time.