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Well , the rainy season has finally come to Whang Pho and I have to say that it has been a real blessing in that it has cooled things down a lot and the yard and trees and plants and flowers , and also all our farmers are loving it . And all the neighbors have been waiting for the rain to plant their summer garden , and to set out new trees and plants . Me I'm just glad it's here .
BUTTTT along with the rainy season comes a lot of things that I hate , since it has started raining I have killed YES KILLED!!!! 4 scorpions that have made their way into our kitchen area and one in the bathroom , also 2 of the ugliest big black millipeds as long as my foot , them things have heads on both ends and look like they want to eat you up , and are they ever hard to kill, and then just yesterday a small corba decided that on my shoe rack ,on the front porch was a good dry place to spend the night. BUTTTT the things I hate the most are the things I call "Wings from Hell" . I know a lot of folks in Thailand call them snacks , It's the flying termites(mang mao ) that come out from under the ground after a big rain , just like Bats come out of caves at nights , millions and I do mean millions of them come from the mountain behind the house and you have to be quick to turn out all the lights and close the curtains for at least an hour and most of the time they will have moved on down to your neighbors house with the lights on .And the next morning they (without their wings) are crawling all over the patio and deck and their wings are all over the screens and windows and in every crack and crannie that you have around the house , and for days you will be sweeping up and trying to get rid of the wings that they shed. The geckos and jen jokes (Small lizards) have been feasting all nght and sooooo that means that you have these little black and white things (turds) all over the porch as well as the big ole brown turds from the gekeo (that I have been trying to catch for the last month ) did I say that "I hate them" well I meant to .
Like I said I am happy about the rain but hate the stuff that it brings with it , and if the folks from up North are not getting their share of the MANG MAO , just give me a shout and I'll sweep them up into a huge plastic bag and you can come and get them .
Ciejay says that after a couple of big rains they will all be gone till next year and the rainy season, I'm really looking foward to that . But all this does make for an exciting life and thats why I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It. Malcolm