Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ciejay and La La enjoying a glass of wine

Me and my Buddy B-Bie

Three good friends

Talking Thai and catching up on the latest from Wamg Pho
Empty bottle and happy faces

One of the things I love about the LOS is that there are soooo many great places to eat , It makes for a hard choice when someone says "UP TO YOU " which is the normal saying in Thailand , when someone ask you " where do you want to eat tonight ". Well tonight was one of those nights and B-Bie my best friend from The Big City of Bangkok called and said that he would like to come to Wang Pho for a visit , and to take us out to dinner and to celebrate our adopted daughter La La's 30th birthday (I think B likes her a lot ).Well the old" Up to You" was thrown at me and right away I said Som Mai's in the Jungle , one of my favorite places to eat fried fish and cashew chicken, two of my favorite things to eat.Of course I took along a bottle of our famous Hanuman Mangosteen wine , most folks like white wine with fish , but me I am a Red wine person and served at room temperature, It just don't get any better than that . Good food , good wine and dinner out with three of my favorite people.
Took a few pictures of our dinner and evening out hope you enjoy them and if you ever get over this away , I'll take you to the Jungle restaurant , for a "dinner out" you want soon forget .
I guess you know by now that with all these good places to eat and all the wonderful friends we have made in Thailand , that it's just another reason why I'm Retired in Thailand and Loving It