I'm back on the net


I don't know what happened or how but, I have been off the internet for the past week , the home phone worked then did'nt work but net would never come up , I go upset and tired of waiting for help and started to push and click and found a form that said I had to re-figure my user name and password , now I did't know how I lost it in the first place ,unless It happened during the huge thunder and lighting storm we had last week , anyway I call the CALL CENTER for TOT and got a very sweet and kind lady on the help line, and she walked me thru every thing to remotely correct the problem and within 5 minute she had me back up and running , now you don't get any better service than that . thank you Miss TOT for all your help . And now I think I'll stop being an old-fart around the house as soon as I get my net fix . ha ha . Do you go bananas when you lose the net for a while ? I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted , BUT I LIKE IT . Malcolm