Early Winter Weather ...

Taking advantage of a blast of early winter weather here in the Rai, I ventured over to Chiang Mai yesterday on the Ninja.  It was time for the 6000 km checkup and with the temperature in the high teens with clear skies, I set out early with a smile on my face.  Could have done without the fog and its effect on visibility, as I passed in and out the banks that lingered in many areas along the route, but it was a great ride.  Even with a liner in my jacket, there was a distinct chill in my bones.  Something I had been looking forward to, after so many months of sticky hotness.

Bumped into another resident of the Rai, finalizing the purchase and the delivery of his white Kawasaki 250.  Visited, also, with a Vulcan owner and a shopper or two, while waiting for the service to be completed.  Will be back in Chiang Mai next month for the bike week, it seems.  A couple of riding buddies are eager to make the ride over, so guess I will tag along.  Yesterday’s 500 km was a bit more than what I consider a comfortable distance, so will be glad for and overnighter next month.

Definitely no need for the air conditioner the last few night, which takes some getting used to.  With the windows open and no ambient white-noise from the A/C, the sounds of nature permeate the darkness and travel unimpeded through the crisp night air.  Since the weather in Hawaii was so good, it is nice that the weather here is also trying its best to be accommodating.  Makes the whole jet-lag thing a little less distasteful.

The eventful nature of village life, sent us off on our trip to Hawaii with an emergency appendectomy for the mother in law, a day and a half before departure.  We returned to a house and dogs well taken care of but were shortly barraged with more family tragedy.  An uncle down south committed suicide and a relative from the other side of the family also died this last weekend.  So part of the family is off to Rayong, while others are heading over to Phrae.  We are sitting out this one as someone needs to hold down the fort, so to speak.

Soon I need to continue the trip report of our stay in Hawaii.