Encounter with a Snake ...

It was bedtime and as is our custom, I took Cookie out into the front yard on a leash, for her to do her business.  I am usually looking up at the stars, or as on this occasion, a full moon with this being Loy Krathong.  It is not as cool as it was a few weeks back but still quite pleasant and restful, to take in the night air and the eery moonlit views of the valley, before retiring for the night.

We seldom see snakes around here and the last few were dispatched for being young cobras and threatening our dogs.  Cookies business done, I thought to walk closer to the pond and out of the glare of the main spotlight in the front of the house.  Fortunately this necessitated looking where I was going, allowing me to spot something in the grass along my intended path. 

In some environs, stripes are purported to be camouflage, but not in our yard thankfully.  The bands covering the entire length of its body, wreathed rhythmically along a length of ground well over one meter long.  This was by far the largest snake that I have had the pleasure of meeting around here.  Worried that Cookie would spot it and draw attention to its presence, I did an abrupt about-face and took her in the house and out of harms way.

Being on the leash it wasn’t really Cookie that I was worried about, rather our other dogs who have been known to take on snakes that invade their territory.  The snakes they have dispatched in the past have been seemingly harmless and rather small.  The small cobras, I stepped in and took care of myself.  This would have been an entirely different sort of confrontation.  Not knowing much about snakes, I never the less felt this one was not something to be trifled with, by me or my dogs.

By successfully avoiding a confrontation, my wife and I were able to watch its progress across the grass and into the darkness beyond, from the safety of our living room.  Today’s research has revealed that it was most likely some form of Krait.  They eat other snakes, lizards, rats and frogs, and possess a highly toxic venom.  With a smorgasbord of prey in the fields that surround us, I guess it is understandable that they inhabit this area.  Fortunately they are not particularly aggressive and only seem to come out at night.

I am relatively certain that it was just passing through and not setting up residence in our yard, as there is better hunting down in the fields.  I have often seen evidence of this kind on snake, as roadkill on the way into town, but hope we won’t be having any repeat encounters in our yard anytime soon.

No, I did not get any pictures.  Better light or a better zoom, and maybe, but last night I wasn’t getting any closer than necessary.