Ciejay and me took a little day trip to Supan Buri , to meet up with Sister Tui for lunch and a short visit the other day, on the way there we could see lots of evidence of the flooding from the past week , it was like the road was going across a huge lake with water on both sides of the road and the fields as far as the eye could see was flooded and you could see that the houses that were in the low land and along the fields still had water surrounding them, I am sure was lots of damage not only to crops , but also to the many homes along the river and the rice paddies.
We were driving and came around a curve in the road and almost ran over a flock , herd , or what ever you call a lot of ducks being moved from one pond to another by the duck herder , it was quite a sight , I was able to get a couple of shots off thru the windshield , they were moving pretty fast and there was cars behind me also , hope you like the pictures , have you ever seen a herd of DUCKS??? Malcolm