Chiang Mai Bike Week ...

I’m sure the majority of people had a great time but Chiang Mai Bike Week is one more event I won’t need to attend again.  Well, any Bike Week for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, the three of us had a great ride over and back and I was pleased to make introductions when we met up with my Harley friend at the hotel.  That tipped the balance toward the Aussies, with 2 Aussies, 1 Scot, and a Yank.  

The four of us spent time together in various groupings and rode back together as far as the first big PTT station, had a coffee and then parted ways, for a while anyway.  Bumped into a bunch of Thai guys I met before at the same place.  They were headed in a different direction, though.  The Harley Custom Springer set off in the direction of Phayao.  The Ducati 999 disappeared down highway 118, to be joined a little later by the 2 Ninja 650’s at the next designated stop on the way to Chiang Rai.  We were back in time for Sunday Brunch at the Meridian, with more food and conversation.  Of course I had to do the last 55km home, on my own.

Chiang Mai was not bad, with good food, good conversation, good friends and some interesting bikes to look at, but the biker scene was not really my thing.  A hard nut to crack with everyone posing, feigning indifference, and hoping to draw attention to themselves or their bikes.  Boys will be boys, and with that concentration of testosterone in the air, there tends to be some silliness on the roads, as well.  I guess I can see where people get their ideas about bikers.

Away from the shows, however, are people who just like to ride.  Perhaps a little fast at times but usually with a great deal of control.  Most of us don’t aspire to the manic movements of those snaking their way through heavy traffic or passing in near impossible places.  We just like a little space between us and things that are bigger or less focussed than we are.  In contrast to the perceived death wish, we are often speeding away from potential trouble, looking for a little open road.

The camera stayed in at night, when most of the action took place but I did get a few shots walking around in the light of day.  Beautiful weather and location.  Including a few shots of our bikes for good measure.