Happy New Year...

Happily I can say this has been a good year, filled with friends, adventure, travel, and toys.  Again I don’t much care for getting older, or the way I look in the family pictures, but as they say, “Think of the alternative.”

Thanksgiving and Christmas were more Farang affairs so the wife will be doing local tonight and putting on a spread to feed some of our neighbors.  I prefer to remain on the fringes of these events, with the excuse of taking care of the dogs.  Village dogs are quite put off by the explosive nature of the New Year festivities and will be cowering and looking for shelter wherever they can.  Not much I can do but offer moral support, but I like to show my concern.  Cookie may head for the closet or master bathroom in search of a little solitude.  Our outdoor dogs are harder pressed to find such a safe place to hold up.

As far as we are from the worst of it, there will still be a lot of noise out here in the field.  After an early meal I’m sure the majority of our guests will be off in search of something to wash down the meal and wash away all memory of the past year, if possible.  Sadly it will all return tomorrow, with the addition of a headache I fear.  Hopefully there will be no fights, injuries or deaths in the village tonight but I will be satisfied with no visits to the morgue.

By being more social and making the drive to town more often, the wife and I have both done very well in the search for friends in the Rai this year.  Usually it falls upon us to be the initiators and to do the followup, however.  A recent conversation with a good friend over coffee, touched on this perceived fact.  With as much delicacy and tact as he could muster, he tried to explain that our projected persona might not be the most inviting.

For those who perhaps struggle with life a bit more than we do, our contentment with our lot, may not be the most endearing of traits.  So according to him, my attempt at putting others at ease, by being overly relaxed and confident, may at times have the reverse effect.  Something to think about at least.  I’m not forgetting those of you, who in the past have also alluded to the possibility of my standards being a bit too elevated, for the comfort of many.  I do hear what you say, and keep it in the back on my mind.

In spite of all this, we have made many new friends this last year.  Living where we do simply means we need to put in a little more effort than some and I’m okay with that.  It does mean that I find myself spending less time with my virtual friends around the world on my blog.  I guess that is to be expected in the ever evolving path of ones existence, with payoffs and consequences at every turn.  Not sure what 2011 will hold for this space or for Village Farang.  I already have a Facebook page so no use going down that path here.  I’ve done the house, pontificated on my views, commented on things around me, shared pictures and maps.  Do I continue with more of the same or is there another path, yet unexplored?

As I ponder my future, may I wish you all the very best in the coming year.  In the very least, may you find contentment and joy with what you have and take the time to be thankful and appreciate the people in your lives.  Have a very Happy New Year.