Merry Christmas ...

What a beautiful Christmas Morning.  The temperature dropped again last night and this morning was crisp, clear and quite simply, beautiful.  Took the dogs for the usual stroll, enjoying the way they attack the fields and trail with such gusto.  Then I sat with cookie while she swam with her fish in the pond.  From the sala, my eyes drank in the grandeur of all that lay before me.  The water, mountains, fields and hypnotic synchrony of a flock of white birds against the brilliant blue sky.  Of course that was not the plan for this wondrous day.

Today was supposed to be a family outing with the highlight being a ride on an elephant, for those who had never found their way onto the back of the mighty pachyderm.  Superstition put an end to that plan, however.  Something went wrong with the morning rice preparation and someone else had a bad dream, so no way were they getting in a truck with us today.  Their loss, not mine.

Last night we had a lovely dinner with friends at Favola, in town, coming home a bit later than usual.  Just the day before my friend and I did another little run to Chiang Mai on our 650 Ninjas.  Heavy fog the day before and the day after, but on our run the weather was perfect for riding, almost cold in the morning and just a bit warm on the way home.  Perhaps I am getting used to the longer rides or have improved my riding technique.  The 500 kilometer roundtrip did not leave any residual numbness or aches as in the past.  Still, I am not what you would call a long distance rider.

We hosted a party at our home recently and attended one at a friend’s house.  Tomorrow our favorite houseguest is flying up from Bangkok for a few nights.  I love this time of year.  The kinder weather seems to be reflected in the behavior and hospitality of all who we encounter here in the Rai.  We have missed some events but there are more to come.  Perhaps we will make it to the Chiang Rai Flower Festival again this year.

As this year draws to a close, I see much to be grateful for.  On the top of my list, however, is my happy little family.
Family VF