A Buggy Bike Ride ...

An hour into my ride and I was too hot, too tired and too far from my destination.  It was time to pull the plug and move on to plan B, except I didn’t have a plan B.  While Tat Kwan waterfall would have to wait for another day, how was I to salvage an aborted ride?

I had been snapping pics of old wooden Thai houses, for an upcoming blog post on the outbound route, so that seemed as good a plan as I was going to come up with.  Weaving through the sub-sois of the villages I passed through earlier, I managed to bag a few more wooden structures for my photographic collection.

Traversing the open farm land between villages, I almost missed my opportunity for this buggy post.  Peripheral vision caught movement off to the left in a field, up in a tree.  A quick scan of the area led to a u-turn, a short ride, and walk out into the field.  To be honest I already knew what they were up to but this was a more picturesque setting than a tree in someone’s front yard.  The sound of a distressed cicada, or Jakjan as the locals call them, is unmistakable and this time of year finds them on the village menu.  Hunters young and old, armed with their long bamboo sticks tipped with a sticky substance, are busily plucking these bugs from the trees.

I asked this lot if they were planning to sell them or eat them.  With wide toothy grins they said in no uncertain terms, eat them.  Just one of the multitude of creepy crawlies that villagers around here like to snack on, these are more substantial than some.  After some idle conversation and a few pictures, I was back on the road heading home, armed with an idea for a blog post and material for a future one.

Plan B = Bugs?
The tree in the field.
Up a tree.
A comfortable perch.
A sticky situation.
Close up.
Ready to eat.
New rubber made for nice surefooted ride.