Our Thai House In The Field ...

For those of you who are still interested in the house, here is an update from yesterday.  Our bougainvillea, planted as a boarder along the length of the front yard, are really in full bloom this time of year.  Along with the ones we planted on the back side of the house, there is an explosion of color in this otherwise dreary time of the year.

We have lived in the house for more than three years now and things are holding up well.  We did replace the wooden railings with steel and did a little touchup painting but apart from that, things are good.  I’m very happy living here and we have had no complaints from our guests.  The wife does complain that it is too much to keep clean but she still manages to keep it immaculate.

You may notice that facing north as we are, with a slight eastward orientation, the front of the house escapes the ravages of direct sunlight most of the year.
Front of the house, not visible from the road.
A different angle.