200 Posts ...

The other day found me busily penning a post, on a topic that came up while my wife and I were driving to town.  Something about why Thai women often wait until they have children and a few failed relationships under their belt, before being willing to consider a foreign partner, and an often heard excuse, at that point they have nothing else to lose.  Of course that is not a very flattering proposition to consider and I was having difficulty finding ways to sugar coat it, for readers who may have taken that route.

There I was, contemplating offending those guys who think all Thai women are gaga for western men, as well as those selfless and noble gentlemen who have taken on the burden of other men’s offspring, while never considering themselves the last port of refuge.  Perhaps the ideal of two people with options, actually choosing each other over others, because of some primal attraction, is something reserved for the young, or Hollywood scriptwriters.  Maybe partner selection becomes more pragmatic, later in life.

Anyway, my progress down that slippery slop was halted, thankfully, by a surge of activity on my blog.  I found myself dealing with comments and further tinkering with the appearance of my blog.  While on the dashboard page of Blogger, I happened to notice a post counter which read, 199 posts.  That meant this would be my 200th post.  True, some bloggers do that in less than one year, but for me it seemed a monumental accomplishment, even four years down the road.

Being predisposed to introspection, as I am, this otherwise insignificant number triggered a wave questions about the past, present and future of this blog.  Even though I am writing more than I did last year, there is a distinct lack of direction, even four months into the year.

My most popular post has been the one on my motorcycle birthday present, last June.  It would appear that the Ninja 650r attracts a lot of eyes, even if only to view the pictures.  Clearly I am not inclined to turn this into a biker’s blog, though I do enjoy riding.  Mountain biking and road trips seem to rate rather highly as do posts on social networking and blogging questions.  Chiang Rai specific posts, like the shopping mall and flower festival attract viewers but I’m not interested in developing this space into a social calendar.  That leaves my photos, my map and my sometimes questionable social commentary.

When I run out of something to say, I tinker with the aesthetics and functionality of the blog or try to make reading from the beginning, through to the end, a little easier or more tempting.  I don’t get a lot of comments but that is probably my own fault.  To maintain balance, what comments I do get are weighted much the way some Olympic events are judged, where the anomalies at either end of the scale are disregarded, when taking into account how others view me.

I thought there was a question in there, somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced it.  Maybe it is enough to say thank you to my readers for being here on this auspicious day, just as the Thai New Year festivities of Songkran, begin their pre-event escalation toward the official holiday.  Stay safe out there during this, the killing season on Thai roads, while otherwise enjoying the company of family and friends.