New Blog Stuff...

 In an effort to keep things interesting, Blogger has come up with some new beta views, which can be accessed by adding the word ‘view’ after the url of this or other blogs.  There are five new views available in a drop down menu.  Click this link to take a look.  I find the Mosaic view kind of interesting.  The views are not fully functional as yet, but might be worth a look.

I am still working on the eBook version but I do have a new PDF style book version of the blog that I have uploaded to for those who would like to start at the beginning and read from there.  It is easy to jump to any page or chapter by just clicking on the link in the index.

By clicking the link in the left column, just under my profile you will be taken to this NEW work in progress.  Haven't finished proofreading but it is better that what I produced in my previous attempt.  If you have any problems or comments please let me know.

In addition I have updated my Profile Page and the About This Blog Page.