Songkran 2011 on Moo1 and Wang Pho

It is with great pleasure that I announce that here in Wang Pho , and especially here on Moo 1 , that Songkran (Thai New Years) is over . I've lived on Moo1 for 7 (almost) years and I have to say that my neighbors, being ,Thai and Buddish did everything they could to make this a monumental Songkran.  They ate more food than was donated to the Tsunami and floods in Thailand and they danced and sang like they were trying to earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records with non stop singing and dancing from the 12th till the evening of the 18th ," ohhh wait just a minute , there's are still a few die hards still singing karaoke. Did I mention that Ciejay and Me were there as always , when it came to the eating and singing  and oh yes I even danced a few , and If there's karaoke , you know I'm singing a few Elvis oldies ," Don't Be Cruel,"  "Love Me Tender",and my all time favorite  "Want You Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" and John Denver's  "Take Me Home Country Roads".
The real reason I'm glad it's over is not all the activities, But my body is soooo tired , it will take me a week to recuperate.
Not only was there a lot of action on Moo1 , but the village of Wang Pho had  their usual Songkran concert with music and singing and dancing  and food  and you know me  someone said "Food" and I'm there . Then just today to finish the week off with thanksgiving for the Buddish folks , they had a huge and I mean lots and lots of food with all the neighbors and friends and they even had the local  temple Monks come and chant and pray and Bless all the Buddish folks for the coming year , and as Thai custom goes we all had to wait till the monks were fed and then we could eat, and eat we did , at least I know one person that ate more than his share ( Me).
I have to be very honest and say  that even tho I got wet (oh yes I forgot) Songkran is a water festival too and that means that everywhere you go they are throwing water on you and your mode of transportation.  And I'm sure I gained 5 pounds over 5 days  and stretched my body to the limits, BUT!!!!!!!!   "I HAD FUN ". Elvis would have been be proud of me,( not to sure about Ciejay  ha ha ha ), and I made sure he was remembered at least for another year.

If you ever get over here to the Land Of Smiles , try and plan it for April  the weather is great ( hot) and you'll get a chance to join in to all the festivities and it will be and experience of a lifetime that you'll never forget.
Hope you enjoy the pictures  some are a little blurry , but was the best I could do .  Malcolm