Does anybody watch Indian Television programs?

Indian television is horrible. I can state it for sure. How do I know that? It's an year since I cut the cable and I am not missing it at all. Not even a bit! If every television channel had put a condition that you can watch our channel only if you do the sudoku of the day or lay off that potato chips or run on that treadmill lying idle in your house people would have said f** it. And the whole career of rakhi savant, ekta kapoor and indian idols, idlis and soaps would have gone down with the tube.

In a recent survey of the quality of TV programs of all countries in the world India came 3rd from the bottom - just above Afganisthan and kryghshitistan. In Afghan TV programs men play the roles of women. And they play it wearing burqah from head to toe! And kryghshitistan is so poor that they do not have TV programs of their own and are telecasting 2008 Olympics - the opening ceremony being reserved for prime time. Those are the two countries that rated below us!

It is a shame. Is it not! Arnab Goswami thought so too. In fact he has already canned a discussion on inequalities faced by women in Afghan media. It was supposed to air this weekend. But they postponed it for the interview with Assange because they thought Arnab looked better in that episode. Do watch both the episodes and tell me whether you also think Arnab looks better in Assange episode. That is if you are not watching komal crying a bucketful in some other channel.
f* is forget about it.