Inception: Two middle fingers up

(Don't read in between the words. I am just showing my appreciation by using the longest fingers instead of thumbs.)

There are thousands of glowing reviews of the movie Inception on the internet.
But I decided to write my bit anyway.

If you have not watched it, you should immediately go and watch it. Especially if you are an Indian. You see, the name of the hero is Cobb. You know what it means phonetically in Hindi. Dream! Yes, Nolan is really a genius. I think he deserves an Oscar for life time achievement just for this.

But wait,he gets better. He is a master teacher too. Teacher? Yes! Right in the middle of the movie he takes a time out to conduct a class on Dream 101. He makes cobb assemble all the characters and the audience to cover concepts like dream levels,dream travel, dream-time space, totems, limbo. The people who would have shouted at their quantum physics teacher, "Stop bull shitting. Get Real, man!" and stormed out of the class chose to sit through this movie and came out saying, "Wow! He really exercised the tiniest of the tiniest cell of my gray matter! And I thought I came to watch a movie. I can't wait for Dream 102." He should get the award for best teacher too, if they have one.

What about Nobel prize? Oh yeah that too! This whole branch of science that inquires into dreams within dreams is his creation.
Really! So he is the first to come up with an idea of dream within a dream within a dream.
Of course, yeah! Engineers, especially software engineers, will blabber something about recursion. But don't let those geeks take away from the genius of Nolan. They just download code from Internet.

Okay, so Do I belong to the gang that believes he should have got the Oscar for best director or at least best movie? Well, Hmm.... Not really. He got couple of nominations, right? Good enough.