Bangkok Girls do Chiang Rai ...

I am playing the provocative title game today just for a little fun.  The truth is, we recently had four of my wife’s lovely friends from Bangkok come up to visit us at our little place in the Rai.  They have all traveled a fair amount but none of them had ever been to Chiang Rai.  Finally they worked us into their busy schedules and flew up to see us.  Chiang Rai is no longer an unfamiliar place to them.

I didn’t take a count of all the cameras and iPhones clicking away but did notice there were quite a few between the five girls.  There I go again, using the word girls for thirty something females but except for my wife they are all single and younger than her so they are all girls to me.  My wife was the oldest, having just turned thirty-seven.  One of the girls is one of our oldest friends, having known us since before we got married.  Being single is not all that bad, in my opinion, for if they were taking care of husbands and children, they most likely wouldn’t be running around having so much fun.

It seems most of my wife’s friends in Bangkok fit this mold of a thirty something professional woman still living with family or on their own and with disposable income to spend on travel and other fun stuff, if they can ever get off work.  Facebook was well utilized both during and after the visit to post pictures and comment, so no one should complain if I post a few of my wife’s shots here.