Letter from a father to his son

I know you can't read yet. And I know I don't write well either. But the things that has to be done now must not wait for the skills that can be learned later.

When you start reading this letter you might get this fancy idea, I can't imagine how but you just might, that this situation is like that popular Hindi movie and you are that cute little kid ..

Well, stop thinking those things because the kid in the movie was way more cute than you.

Then you might wonder why I am taking the trouble of writing a letter when I can just tell you what I want to say to your face. But the problem with the real world is, you can't always tell what you want to say to a person's face. Especially to a kid's face. And sometimes you really don't want to say anything. You just want to..

Let's talk about the time you dropped the digital camera and broke it. In the real world, I can't slap you across the face or, I am going to leave this sentence trailing by putting those cute little dots because even in Internet world one has to be cautious as some crackpot may read this and get crazy ideas and I might be charged as an accessory for aggravated assault, ..

In the real world what I am supposed to say when you dropped the camera is, "Oh, that was my mistake! I should not have kept it in the top shelf beyond your reach, well hidden behind all those clothes. It just raised your curiosity. You had to see whether it would break if you drop it. So, you waited till I went to the toilet and.. I totally understand. It was my fault."

But it was after you dropped the camera that we remembered we had neither seen nor copied the photos of the costly vacation that we took couple of months back. So while you are sleeping the sleep of the contented person who has done his day's duty and your mother is uploading all the pictures to that place in Internet where all the vacation pictures go and sending invites, I have entered a philosophical mood.

Is it odd that I have time to see the vacation photos of friends, acquaintances and strangers and make a list of places to go, sights to see and things to do but have no time to enjoy the memories of places I went, sights I saw and things I did?

I do not want to finish this letter in a philosophical note. So here is a piece of advice to you, my son.

Don't turn me into a philosopher. Stop breaking my stuff.

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